Further exploration of the use of non-physical energy. 3.3.16

Further exploration of the use of non-physical energy. 3.3.16

Many people are unaware that acupressure , as a system, can be used not only as a physical , emotional and spiritual form of therapy , but can raise our energy level as well as beautifying the physical body. There are specific points along the meridians where the qi/prana flows near the surface of the skin and these are like gateways to our internal energy system. Manipulation of these points helps to balance the body’s energy , of the hundreds of points 24 are located on the face. This simple technique of gently massaging the various points can help with insomnia and help to fortify the internal organs.

( If you missed the lesson the following chart may help but you do really need to go through it with a teacher.)

Pressure  points

2.This was followed by warm ups, stretching the legs with straps, lying twists, side stretches and massaging shoulders and back with massage balls.

3)We began the main session with a mini vinyasa,  i.e. cat, swan, updog repeated 2x

4)A longer vinyasa, based on Moon Prayer, i.e. high kneeling, cat, down dog, plank, back to down dog raising one leg and bending the knee coming into lunge, and half moon, ending with standing full forward bend  and pose of child before repeating.

5) A short meditative pose in hero. 6) seated twist. 7) forward bend 8) practising full wide angle pose using a block to rest the forehead.

9) Sun Prayer …4x  which of course is also a vinyasa but remember to do this slowly by using the gaze points.

  1. Standing twist.2x each side.

11.Windmill breathing and nerve charging breath

12 Final Vinyasa of the session.

Warrior Dance. 1 st warrior, head to knee with arms raised behind,back warrior, lunging warrior with sweeping arms, lung with elbows bent to ground, head to straight knee, end with archer and relax forward. ( repeat)

  1. Bring energy down with Jack in a box.
  2. Bee Breath.

Auto genic relaxation following the lighted dot round the face. 15 minutes.

Om Shanti,

Margaret. P.S. I promised the link to the radio interview for those of you who missed it.


John Griff Show

26 february Time              01:15.25





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