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Yoga Review. March 26th.Honour your body.

Yoga Review. March 26th.Honour your body.
Respect your body for the wonderful tool it is, not trying to control it, pushing it where it doesn’t want to go. Through yoga learn to relax and flow with your breath easing into poses that gradually will strengthen you in ways your body will love, increasing your ability to be able to use a flexible, energetic body for as long as you live.
1. Stretch like a cat with grace and ease, legs, arms and spine.
2. Stretch to the rhythm of …’Om Mani Padme Hum’ and see yourself as the Life Force itself.
3. Warm ups.
Knees, side stretches, side cycles, Captain’s chair with straight arms and then with hands behind head. Supine Eagle 3 x. Thread the needle 3x.
Pendulum with both legs 3x. table bridge 3x both sides. Bridge simple and Japanese2x.
Massage shoulders, spine etc with soft massage balls. 2 minutes.
In prone position do facial ex. Giraffe 6x….goldfish 6X….puffer fish 6x…Lion 6x… owl. 6x…
4. Seated. Spinal flow. 2x complete rounds. Simple twist. 2x …hero twist 2x
Using straps increasing and decreasing the length in forward bends and wide angle 3x each.
Arm plank 5x…. Mountain climber5x….forearm plank leg swings 4x each side.
Repeat qi-ssage of hips and legs and learn the foot qi-ssage..
Sun prayer 2x each side…. Warriors with archer repeat the whole vinyasa once….
Boats…half boat and full boat 2x. Ending with Lion kneeling and Healing light relaxation.10 minutes.

Yoga Review March 19th

Yoga Review  March 19th

Releasing the pathways of the body through facial, head and jaw massage and flexing the spine.

1.5 Gates breathing 3x

  1. Warm up. Banana stretches 2x each side, Criss cross legs into plough 3x
  2. Crunches, and V rocks, 3x . Side stretches with side cycle. Cycling in half shoulder. 10x. Lie on back arms behind head. Lift body and drop 3x. Splits to plough 3x. Supine hero 2x both sides. Massage shoulders, ribs and pelvic area with massage balls.
  3. shoulder rotations. back stretches 3x . in seated pose circular rotations of arms. Kundalini rocking of waist and hips. Kundalini hip smack.

4.Shiatsu wrist strengthening, and fist rotations.6x . Tortoise simple breathing.3x each side. raise both legs into advanced boat pose and bring les back to vertical.

5.Cosmic cats and knee to nose both sides, down dog with knee to elbow. Sphinx, cobra and locust.

6.Review Qi-ssage of hips and legs and 3 mile point.

7.Shiatsu. Facial massage. Between brows, scalp, under eyebrows, temples bring chi to the hands and palm the eyes. Massage jaw, under cheek bones to temples, rest open hands on jaw and then massage chin.

8.Moon prayer with side plank, full plank and half moon.

9.Back bends, camel single arm and both arms. In  Pairs 1. arm stretches  2. Suspensionbridge.3. back massage with feet and hands down to sacrum on both sides.

  1. Seated hand to heart with Hong Sau mantra.

Relax on a tropical beach 10 minutes.

Yoga Review March 15th . Exploring the aura and the benefit of BInds

YOGA Review March 15th (Exploring the aura and the benefit of using BINDS)
1) Begin with 3 ovals breathing. Complete cycle 2x
2) Practising the Inner Smile can cause our aura to expand considerably. When we are happy, magnetic and spirited our aura can fill a whole room. If we feel ‘down’ that is exactly what our aura does, it closes down. So at such times rub the palms together to generate qi and visualise the egg shaped energy surrounding you. Inhale deeply and as you exhale starting 2 inches away from the body begin to push the energy away from you. Go slowly and you should feel the pressure of the field. Visualise it spreading like a golden ball growing larger and larger, you should begin to feel more energetic and positive with each breath.
3) Warm ups.Side thigh thinners 6 each leg. Supine eagle 3x each side. Gyrations. Single and then double legs 3x Scissor splits walking into plough 3x. Japanese bridge. Massage shoulders, ribs, pelvic area with squidgy balls . corpse pose 2 minutes minimum. Shoulder to bridge .
4.) a) Butterflies. b)Breath of Fire with bandha c) Forward bend and flying hawk with arms raised behind.
BINDS have the benefit of massaging the internal organs and detoxifying the body.a) Hero side twist and forward to ground. b) bound cobra.c) marichyasana twist. Both sides.d) twist pulling knee in with palm facing forward.both sides.e)raised arms in forward pigeon)d) finish with qi massage of lower abdomen.
5) a)Sun Salute. b) standing twists both sides.c)warrior 1 with side bind 2x
6) Down dog with knee to elbow is also a bind 2x 7). Come through to kneeling lunge and bind elbows to floor, drop back on to the heels and bind forward. 3x
Do Qi –ssage of hips 7x. 3mile points 7x lower leg muscle 7x ankle point 7x on both legs. Relax in corpse for 2 minutes. Camel or bow posture 2xeach side.
End with a complete session of Shakti Bhanda. (Relaxation …. The Healing Light. 10 minutes.)

Yoga review for March 5th(Keeping energy levels topped up and joints under pressure strengthened.

Yoga review for March 5th(Keeping energy levels topped up and joints under pressure strengthened.

  1. Do the Inner Smile through all the organs beginning with the eyes creating within the sensation of peace and joy. (Once is enough ending with heart.) When you’re happy and relaxed endorphins( the feel good hormones) are released into your blood stream. Psychologists and physiologists tell us that the brain can’t distinguish between an imagined emotion and the real thing.
  2. Stretch through legs and arms.
  3. Warm ups.
  1. Knee rocks with one foot on opposite knee.6x .b)Thread the needle 3x. c)Using your strap work both legs and do the Maltese cross both sides.d)square breath 4x each side. e)supine tree ( hold for three breaths each side) step over bridge with straight leg 4x each side.e) using soft massage balls do complete shoulder and spine massage.f) cross ankles and come to seated pose.

4.Seated.1) simple twist. 2) hero with mantra Hong Sau. 2x each side. 3) wrist exercises (Joints stay healthy through articulation keeping the gel like fluid supple. In yoga we ask our wrists to bend at 90 degrees and often to support our whole body weight… this is good but also where we’re vulnerable if not kept flexible.)Do wrist pulls 4x each, rotation of backs of hands  4x, cat press 4x, isometrics 4x and finally fist twists 4x

  1. Pigeon both sides.   5) cat with outstretched back leg working back of leg muscles 6) shoulder and arm push ups 6x
  1. Practise qi-ssage on partner arms, hands and fingers to bring toxins out through finger tips.
  2. Half plank, full plank and half moon (this will really test your wrists)

5.Standing.  Axe man 3x.  Warrior Dance both sides. Sphinx. (Full rest on front of body 2 minutes ) Shoulder with both arms raised, pose of peace (2 minutes) come down into bridge pose. Counter pose to relax.

Lion Breathing three full rounds.

Cortical Relaxation 10 minutes minimum.