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Feb 26th Yoga Review. ‘Going with the Flow’

Yoga Review Feb.26th. ‘Going with the Flow’ 1.Do a complete body scan then relax letting go of everything, not holding on to anything, reminding yourself to simply be in the present moment.

  1. Open up an imaginary funnel in your head and breathe in the sun’s energy through all chakras down to the dantien . Breathe out rubbish and all negativity.
  2. Warm ups. Lying twist 3x. space walk to plough 3x side stretches both sides 2x. bridge.3x
  3. brain yoga. (10 breaths.) Eye exercises ( diagonals, acupressure points, tapping, palming. Flying hawk 2x each side.  Lizard 2 complete cycles.  Sitting eagle 3x each side.

5.Sun Prayer with gaze points 2x 6.Standing twists. 7.Qi-ssage ( hands only)  massage palm point, wrist point, between thumb and index finger and pull off energy from each finger 3x each. Rotate wrists and shake off energy.

  1. Moon Prayer both sides.
  2. Warriors ( own choice) but try to include forward bend with arms raised behind your back and also archer.
  3. End with Door of life 2x . Balloon Dance and frog squat.

In lotus position  OM   for 2/3 minutes. Lie down and relax  for 10 minutes. If this session seems too long for daily practice divide it into 3 separate parts with warm ups one day, seated another and then standing postures. Om Shanti Margaret.

Short review of Yoga class Feb 12

Short review of Yoga class Feb. 12th
1. Five gates breathing. Repeat 3 or 4 times.
2. Stretch through the body, arms and legs, single and double.
3. Warm ups. Rock knees 3x
Place one foot on opposite knee and rock 3X
Stretch one leg up to ceiling Gyrate with big circles 3x each side.
Cycling in shoulder 20x drop legs to plough position and roll back down.
Belly breathing 2 minutes.
Supine tree. Hold for 5 breaths each side. Japanese Bridge with straight legs to ground 5 times each leg. Cross ankles and rock over and back 3x.
Asana work.
4. Simple Twist. 2x each side. Classic twist 2x each side. Hero with mantra Hong Sau twisting to each side.
5. Forward bend 3x 6.Wide angle bend to knees, ankles, toes.
6. Simple cat posture 2x .Swan posture slide forward to Up dog and back to swan 3x. 7. Next time you come into Up dog breathe out into Down dog stretch on leg up to ceiling and bend the knee to elbow.Repeat each side 2x 8. Drop down to belly and relax. 9. Plank push ups on elbows.6X.
7. Standing poses.
8. Cable twists using straps 4x
9. Shoulder stretches and side stretches 4x
10. Give yourself qi-ssage on the shoulders and back of neck and chop along shoulders with one hand at a time.
11. Rainbow breath 2 minutes
12. Fair Lady weaves her loom.1 minute
13. Spinal chord breathing 2minutes.
14. Return to seated pose and do alternate nostril breath for 2minutes.
15. Lie down, keep warm and relax 10 minutes.
OM Shanti

Short review of yoga practice Feb. 5th

Short Review of Yoga Practice Feb 5th .

1.Begin with a few minutes of microcosmic orbit, not pushing or struggling , just being in that innate open intelligence space.( if you can’t remember the sequence just look at the microcosmic orbit diagram I gave you last term.)
2.Warm ups.
Rock and roll 3x each side. Side stretches with figure eights.
Square breath 3x each side Cycling 20x in half shoulder.
Space walk to plough 3x Supine eagle 3x each side
Facial ex’s in Bridge( Giraffe 6x, Lion 6x, Puffer Fish( hold for 3) Gold fish 30x)
3. Cat. Stretch and arch 6x
4. Cobra 3x
5. Push ups on bent elbows 6X
6. Sun Salute twice each side.
7.Chair practice. Bent knees 6x each leg.
8.Warrior Dance each side.
9. Shoulder to pose of peace. Remain in latter at least two minutes.
10.Qi-ssage own shoulder points using your middle fingers of both hands and karate chops with both hands.
Lie down in savasana for at least 10 minutes.