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And A Blackbird sang








And a Blackbird Sang

In deepest pain
I sought a  lover’s arms.
In solace and in warmth
I lay relieved and soothed.

I thought of all who lay alone,
hurt, distressed, wounded without redress,
throughout the troubled world
and wept hot tears of love.

Just then outside on frozen bough
a blackbird sang his morning ode of joy,
and smiling through the tears
I saw all pain and love as one.

Margaret Gill


Review of Yoga class…April 2nd.

Review of Yoga class…April 2nd.
Why do we get stressed? Is it lack of understanding who we really are? Is it by not recognising that we are vast Open Intelligence and that by taking short moments of absolute body/mind relaxation we could release all stress completely? ( For free videos and texts to read on this subject see )
1. Stretch through the body reminding yourself who you are as you breathe in and out using the mantra ‘OM mani padme Hum’
2. Warms ups.
Square breath 3x each side. thread the needle. 3x each side. crunches 3x each side. Mini sits ups 6x. Banana stretch each side. supine tree. 2x each side. supine hero 2x each side. Japanese bridge with one foot placed over the opposite knee, hold for three breaths, once each side. From bridge kick up into shoulder do three/ four chops down and comeback down into bridge.Massage lymph glands under both armpits with rolled up socks or massage balls.
3. Seated.
1)Butterflies, rocking knee and big toe to forehead.2)In seated pose do B.O.F breath for 2 minutes.3) Brain yoga with ear pulls 10 breaths.4) Rooster tries his wings 6 movements up and 6 down.5)wrist rotations and bending back of wrists.6) Qi-ssage shoulders and back, under shoulder blades and up either side of spine …you will need a partner.7)Seated twist with doggie panting up to 20/30 breaths 8) Half boat and full boat posture.
Using strap /belt. Swinging on a cable 5x each side. diagonals 5 x. stretches down the back to the waist 5X. Warrior sequence. Windmill breath and nerve charging breath.
Final breathing pose. Om Mani padme Hum 2 minutes.
Relax… On a Tropical beach 10 minutes.

Yoga Review March 19th

Yoga Review March 19th
Releasing the pathways of the body through facial, head and jaw massage and flexing the spine.
1.5 Gates breathing 3x
2. Warm up. Banana stretches 2x each side, Criss cross legs into plough 3x
V. Crunches, and V rocks, 3x . Side stretches with side cycle. Cycling in half shoulder. 10x. Lie on back arms behind head. Lift body and drop 3x. Splits to plough 3x. Supine hero 2x both sides. Massage shoulders, ribs and pelvic area with massage balls.
3. shoulder rotations. back stretches 3x . in seated pose circular rotations of arms. Kundalini rocking of waist and hips. Kundalini hip smack.
4.Shiatsu wrist strengthening, and fist rotations.6x . Tortoise simple breathing.3x each side. raise both legs into advanced boat pose and bring les back to vertical.
5.Cosmic cats and knee to nose both sides, down dog with knee to elbow. Sphinx, cobra and locust.
6.Review Qi-ssage of hips and legs and 3 mile point.
7.Shiatsu. Facial massage. Between brows, scalp, under eyebrows, temples bring chi to the hands and palm the eyes. Massage jaw, under cheek bones to temples, rest open hands on jaw and then massage chin.
8.Moon prayer with side plank, full plank and half moon.
9.Back bends, camel single arm and both arms. In Pairs 1. arm stretches 2. Suspensionbridge.3. back massage with feet and hands down to sacrum on both sides.
10. Seated hand to heart with Hong Sau mantra.
Relax on a tropical beach 10 minutes.