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Recap of Yoga July 9th

Recap of Yoga July 9th

Breathing and detoxing.

Begin by inhaling at the dantien exhaling into the base, sacrum, door of life and back to start. Centre at the end of the cycle on your power.

Describe the second oval… base, sacrum, door of life, mid shoulder blades, heart and back to the dantien. Centre at the end of this cycle on your heart and loving kindness

Describe the third oval…base,sacrum, door of life, mid shoulder, base of skull third eye and back to start. Centre at the end of this cycle on your awareness of what is truth,i.e. that you are wholly and absolutely the open intelligence of the universe.

2.Warm ups. Bringing the knees to the chest releasing toxins through the breath. Ditto in square breath, supine eagle and V crunches.

3.Seated postures concentrating on various twists. The twist to the right starts the process of peristalsis up the ascending colon, returns to neutral across the transverse colon as we come back to centre and continues the process down the descending colon as we twist to the left.

Do simple twists, classic twists, forward bend twists, wide angle twist,  seated gate, kneeling gate. At the conclusion of your twisting session smack the kidneys with fists and the abdomen.

Further detoxing takes place by arching the abdomen and pulling to the spine in turtle pose and in cat and tiger.

Relax in pose of a child.

  1. Standing.Do several twists in down dog and knee to elbow twist.

Spinal breathing further strengthens back and spine.

Spiralling in dragon dance flexes the whole system.

Finally place thumbs into kidney area as you stretch backwards and then forwards. Flexing the whole lumbar area.

End your session with the spiralling Moon over water posture ( 5 minutes.)

Intone ‘ So’ as you inhale and ‘ Hum ‘as you exhale ( 5 minutes.)

Relax 10 minutes following the dot of light from temple, cheek, chin.(letting go gradually into sleep)

Recap on Yoga lesson on July 2nd

Recap on Yoga lesson on July 2nd

Strengthening your back and core muscles.

1.Recap on the importance of diaphragmatic breathing at all times which centres on and strengthens core muscles while helping to maintain the acid alkali balance in your body.

2.Ref. to last week and the length of your pause. (Over 30 seconds 4.4.4 breathing is good for maintaining balance and you can do this when walking or any time you remember)  (Those with only a 20 sec.  pause need to practice retention of breath while taking between 20 and 60 steps.) We all need to try to get up to 60 secs if we want to increase our overall health.

  1. Warm ups. Core is strengthened with side twists, criss crossing into plough. Legs in V shape rocking over into plough, supine hero and eagle.

4.Skin rolling is good to stimulate metabolism. See Yoga tune up balls.

5.Head rolling with neck massage and neck clasp is a good warm up for flying hawk where you pull the shoulder blades back hard.

6.Forward bend  and hero twist further strengthen the core.

  1. Raised Pigeon with head and shoulder twists and supine pigeon with full body twist also recommended.

8.Back Plank and camel are both strong on the back.

9.In triangle 1)place one hand behind the waist and twist round and back before raising your arm. 2) rotate shoulder muscles up and back.

  1. Using a firm chair hold on the back, go into lunge and pull into deep back stretch.

In pairs do back to back warriors and side warriors.

Breathing Om Mani Padme Hum 5 minutes.

Relax 10 minutes.