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Pataman Cover-1

Sam’s talent for drawing figures coincides with an alarming series of ‘hallucinatory’ events which are linked to a Greek audio tape that becomes the catalyst for projecting her into other worlds where she experiences the bizarre figures of her own drawings coming to life.

Through the multifarious worlds she ‘visits’  she experiences a wide range of characters  and learns that the world is not as it seems, that there are other worlds out there. In fact she finds that the whole universe is full of amazing characters and untapped potential.

She learns that absolute ‘goodness’ exists but that it needs to be tempered by common sense, that in the world we live in the concise use of language is a just as important as being able to use computers and machines, and  that having a special  talent doesn’t mean you have to forget everything else. After many trials she learns about betrayal, the need to share with and trust others, and experiences real terror before coming to understand the things that are really important.

When Jon, the brother to whom she relates closely, comes home she is able to confide in him and because he is prepared to suspend disbelief he finds to his amazement that the ‘magic tape’ can give all three siblings access to other worlds which they are now able to explore together.

Their parents  patch up their differences and then access to imaginary world journeys  is no longer open to any of the children but they have gained such enrichment and strength and above all have learnt to trust and respect each other.  Their father takes over the reins and they return  to the Greek island of Leros once more  a united family.


By barbara hawthorne 

I liked the title and especially the cover picture.This is an adventure story with wizards and strange little mythical men from an author who knows what children like to read. It has an imaginative young girl (Sam) as the hero who lives in a conventional family with her mother but absent father. As she travels through time and space she is very much in touch with both through her drawings and can conjure up both in a twinkling of a pencil. Her sister and brother enter into her travels which resolves their initial scepticism. Cleverly portrayed with the juxtaposition of the missing father and the tape. Good for reading aloud or silently. Cleverly portrayed with a passing (educational) brief to the tradition of other early story tellers.This is a genre which is very popular with children and adults. Some very good sketches throughout to stimulate a child’s imagination.?


5.0 out of 5 stars

By val lowden 

Like many children of her age, Sam is troubled by the fact her parents have separated. She struggles with a deep seated belief that somehow she is to blame for this fact. She finds release in her ability to draw and this talent, combined with the find of a vintage audio cassette tape, leads her through portals into other worlds. She is surprised to find her doodles come to life – some are good, some are nasty. She is also surprised to find that she is viewed as a great saviour by her characters which is a completely different experience from her usual treatment as an empty headed dreamer.
Children of all ages will be able to identify with Sam’s feelings. They will feel her anguish and frustration at her family situation and they will feel her surprise and pleasure when she is able to save her new found, new drawn friends from a grisly fate.
This is an exciting, fast moving tale with a feel good ending.

5.0 out of 5 starswonderful story

By Linda Todd 

Wow an amazing and thrilling story about one kid and her imagination. The thing is she doesn’t know yet but she has the power & mind to help creatures and other things from drawings or doodles as she knows them to be. Me & my kids loved the story and the funny doodles as well. My thanks to the wonderful author Margaret Gill and my thanks for the privilege & pleasure of reading her book. With that said I would be delighted to recommend this book to my friends with my love from  me.


By Isobel.

The Pataman tape is a voyage of self- discovery for its young heroine Sam. Troubled by feelings with which many young readers will identify, her doodles literally draw her into a fantastic world, where all is not as it seems! The wicked forest nymphs, and the lovable Lollo are just a few of the many characters she meets along her journey. The ending will happily satisfy its young audience as all is finally resolved. A good tale for the 7+ lover of fantasy.



Opening Inner Wisdom YOGA April 28th

Opening to Inner Wisdom.  Yoga April 28th

Listening to the wisdom of the body  and engaging with the breath, is what we learn to do in yoga. But it is important  to let go of all struggle and rest in that innate Open Intelligence which  we all have access to if we can stop thinking just for a moment , let go and be at peace. One way to relax completely into that wide open space is to just gently follow the passage of the breath in the microcosmic orbit as the breath circulates all our energy centres.

Microcosmic Orbit.

This is considered one of the most powerful Qi Gong practices for developing powerful awareness.

It involves linking the 2 main energy pathways into one cycling loop.

Front pathway down


These pathways  cross important acupoints that act as reservoirs of energy and as we circulate the energy round this loop repeatedly the current of Qi/Life force awakens the power in these reservoirs.

The practical health benefits are countless as this practice regulates the whole system. As we circulate the energy we heal the body. (Start with 3 ovals practice and end the session with a guided journey through the small heavenly circuit.)

  1. Guided visualisation to help you awaken the sense of the location of the points.
  2. Then let the visualisation go as you just imagine a pearl of light orbiting round and round until you finally bring it to rest in the lower Dan tien.

Guided visualisation.

  1. Transfer the warmth of belly into a pearl of light size of a small marble, feel it pulsating.
  2. Sink it to perineum feel it glow here, warm and heavy.
  3. Draw the warmth up into the opening between the coccyx and sacrum
  4. You are now inside the spine let the light rise up to a point across from your navel.
  5. Draw up to Gate of life ( waist point) feel it glow and open up the

passage way.

  1. Let the pearl rise to between your should blades opposite heart
  2. Feel it getting lighter than a helium balloon as it rises to base of neck.
  3. Float it up to base of skull and transform it into pure light.
  4. Guide it up to the crown and feel its light merge with the universe.
  5. Slide it down light as a feather resting between your eyebrows let it shine here.
  6. Sink down through the facial muscles to the roof of your mouth become aware of the tip of your tongue tasting its nectar and let that drip down your throat as you swallow.
  7. Let it become heavier as it drops down into your heart and fills it with love and radiance.
  8. Let it drop down like a glowing marble into your belly feel warm and relaxed heavy and heavier, more and more relaxed sinking down into a deep, deep relaxation.

Warm ups.

Rock and Roll 3x

Side stretches. Raise both feet together, single leg, turning heel stretch. 3x each.  Toe stretch and Maltese cross using straps. 2x each side.

Supine tree.    Gyrate both legs separately and then both together.

Supine archer.  Table 5 x   Bridges various.


Shoulder stretches, back stretch. Rooster with hands interlocked and revolving.6 x

Cats, tiger, stretch into cat relax both sides.

Moon prayer to (half moon posture) repeat on the other side.

Cobra and pair cobra easing partner into back stretch from cobra.

Mountain climbing in plank running the knees into the chest. 6x

Shoulder qissage with partner on the acupressure points only.


  • Knocking on the Door of Life, hips, Solar plexus, lungs, shoulders.
  • Spinal breathing with Ha expulsionbreath.
  • Qi massage on kidneys using fists, slapping with flat of hand,fists on groin and flat of hand on knees, ending with nerve charging breath . (work with a partner.)
  • Warrior to Archer. 5) Flow and forward bend.6) Rishi posture and massage calves and third mile point.7) Further calves strengthening using a chair. 8 ) standing twists 9) swinging chair into side twists..

Pair work  …Gate posture standing and sitting, back warrior.

Seated. Sitali breathing  5 minutes.

Relax by a forest pool  10 minutes.

Om Shanti




Opening to Inner Wisdom.  Yoga April 28th

Om Shanti