Last week we noted our posture, ability to be able to relax , and conscious awareness of our breathing. This week throw out the idea of no pain no gain but think instead of the intensity you feel in a yoga posture on a 1-10 scale when you breathe and relax in the posture for 30-45seconds. At a sensation of 7-8 you’re making a lasting change. Yoga practice increases the grey matter and helps to reduce chronic pain.
Stretch and breathe from below the navel. 4x
Knee to armpit 2x both sides and baby pose 3x
Place your block between the thighs and do crunches both sides, mini sit ups, clock pose and pendulum keeping the block pressing tight all the time.
Supine eagle 3x each side.
Shoulder and pose of peace.
Try again to do choking pose but don’t over stretch.
Balls massage for shoulders 5 minutes.


Turtle breath 2x each side
Forward bend and wide angle ( here are two good areas in which to test your intensity rate)
Shoulder and back Qi gong massage 10 minutes

Chair work for thighs and legs holding on to the back of a chair. Pulse each leg 6x, lunge 6x .Place arms with elbows bent onto back of chair and pulse and bend leg to chest.6x
Standing cat posture. Dance of Krishna pose. Rishi pose. Dancer pose.
End with Shakti Bandha steps 1=3 ( will conclude next week)
Autogenic relaxation 10 minutes. ( for next week try to perfect choking pose.)

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