Slow but Sure…..Yoga 11.2.16
When you practise more slowly there is time for the muscles to align and protect ligaments and joints. Time also for you to notice weak spots and things you avoid doing in the lesson. Slower yoga is more vigorous and gives access to deeper power. Keep in mind 4 in 4 out and it will keep your practice slower and deeper.

Do some long slow breaths and stretches.

Warm ups.. 1) baby pose, slow rocking movements.
2) slow raising hips from a lying down position.3) Shoulders one way, bent knees the other.4)Using a block squeeze your thighs as you do vertical leg lifts and pendulum swings.5). Side stretches and leg raises as bent knee is placed over opposite leg. Gradually pull up the whole body on the side and squeeze your side upwards.

Seated  1) shoulders rolls. 6x 2) forward bend with raised arms behind body 3x
3) Twists against the wall 2x both sides. 4)slow stretches in wide angle pose.
Partner hand and arm quissage. On your own you can still do the palm massage and finger pulls, do it daily this week if you can and note the increased flexibility .
5)Kneeling Lunges with elbows to ground followed by high lunges, take care not to strain .

Standing. Sun Salute with gaze points to slow you down, thumbs, 3rd eye, navel points. 2x each side.
Rainbow breath asana. 2x each side.

End sitting in Hero Pose and doing Hong Sau until your mind becomes peaceful.
Relaxation 10 minutes. Climbing a mountain to see a wise person.
Om Shanti.

One response to “SLOW BUT SURE YOGA 11.2.16

  1. Auntie (Kathleen Imhoff

    Sweet Margaret, Happy Valentines Day. Thanks so much for this…I will begin today. My heart has been calling for a method to improve my overall physical strength and you arrive with your practice as if my request flew to your wisdom for the answer. Have a great day. Breathing in Love, Exhaling Peace. Auntie (Kathleen Imhoff)

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