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Yoga Diary 15. Rooting Energy and Drawing in Light.

1.Lying down do a complete body scan and remind yourself to be present in this moment.
2.breathing and stretching repeat Om Mani Padme Hum reminding yourself that you are not body, mind, feelings, breath, intellect but Spirit.
3.Seated in lotus draw in earth energy through the root chakra to the 3rd eye using the ujayii breath.
4. do brain yoga for 10 breaths remember left arm goes under and right goes over.
5. acupressure points either side of the eyes 30 seconds
Diagonal eye exercises 6 X
Tapping round and under eyes 3X
V shape with index and second fingers pressing on outer and inner corners of eyes. For 6 breaths. Bring Chi into the palms and palm the eyes.
6.temporal tapping with your own chosen affirmation 6X
7.Twists remembering to push upwards with shoulders, Wood chopper, wind blown tree, head to knee with arms raised. 6X
8.Down dog, lunge into Hanuman pose 2X both sides.
9.Cat variations.
10. Cobra to half Bow each side.
11. Moon over water 6X each side.
12 Seated in lotus draw light into head, hands, heart and hands turned upward on thighs.
13. Nose gazing.
14. Relax for 10 minutes with Qigong falling water and drawing in the light.

Birth of a poem







A poem is not an artefact
but a message from the soul.
It is the in-breath and out-breath
of the universe.
It is the sea rolling in,
the elements singing,
the heart breaking,
the golden hush
before the sun sets,
before the tears fall.

It is the moment
without sound,
where is no tumult,
where all is whole;
the breathless moment
before spirit speaks
or the heart beats
or the music floods in.

Margaret Gill

© Copyright 2013

Yoga Diary 14 Clearing Toxins through Breathing and Massage.

Yoga Diary 14.
1. The depth of breathing is increased when you engage in the 5 gates breath. Breathe in through soles of feet, palms of hands, abdomen, upper chest and skull and exhale from the skull downwards. 5 X
2. Supine eagle causes you to breathe deeply. Do this posture 4 times.
3. Massage under the armpits with squishy balls to cause lymph to release toxins.
4. Do the first two Tibetan exercises 5 times. i.e Table and Rabbit.
5. Cat hiss. 5 X
6. Military breath 3X
7. L.Shaped Breath 3X
8. Windmills with Ha expulsion breath 3X
9. Cosmic Breath 3X each way.
10. Vigorous Archer pose with rapid nose breathing
11. Punch with Tiger eyes making the H.Y.Y T sound 3X each side.
12. Do Sitali breathing 6 X.
13. Relax with a ten minute body scan.
14. Afterwards walk in the fresh air for 30 minutes doing 4. 4 breathing