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The creative zone








How open flood gates of perception
to let the fresh blood cascade in?
How access records hidden deep within,
unlock secret doors on the train of life?
They will not yield unless all loads are left behind.

All baggage ditched, all excess weight
scoring deep ridged imprints in the brain
abandoned; all fear of error or of blame,
all struggle, past angst, dilemma foiled,
shifted down the corridors of past pain.

Ignore all moving images, lights that flash
and signals on the line; all striving,
all sound of outward rumblings and chaotic din.
Enter deep in silence. In the stillness it is there.
The place one calls ‘the zone’ is everywhere,
a space where nothing is that can’t become.

Margaret Gill

© Coptright 2013

Yoga Diary 13. Increasing the flow of Endorphins.

Yoga Diary 13. Increase the “Feel Good Factor”

  1. Rub your wrists and temples with lavender oil
  2. Light a perfumed vanilla scented candle
  3. The INNER Smile. As follows ( approx. 7 minutes)
  4. Get physically comfortable. Body posture is not important. Bring into your mind one of your most memorable happy moments.
  5. Allow the thought of that time just to float around you.
  6. Breathe the pleasurable feeling in.
  7. Begin to smile. When you give a genuine heartfelt smile you release endorphins into the bloodstream. Try… it’s really not so hard. The bio-energetic armour begins to melt.
  8. When you feel it’s appropriate begin to guide this benevolent vitality …Smile into your right eye, your left. Take this smiling energy and your smile into your left lung, your right,.. your heart. your spleen, your liver, your right kidney, left kidney filling your whole body with feel good factors, all your endorphins in full flow.
  9. Contemplate the warmth of your lower stomach and allow the breath to come softly and deeply into you.
  10. Feel surrounded by a field of warm comfortable yet vibrating energy or imagine a small fluffy animal or a baby deer curled up inside.
  11. If at any point during the exercise you feel irritable or impatient, remember the two strategies that can help you, your visualisation of your happy event ( I call it my strawberry) and your breath, draw your mind back to both and don’t allow it to wander away from them.
  12. It is of course important to be realistic about your experience of how your connection can change.
  13. :sometimes it is very subtle
  14. :sometimes it will flood you with power and beauty
  15. Do some gentle warm –ups.
  16. Using your squishy balls release tension by squeezing one under the arms pits then massage under shoulders, ribs and pelvis by gentle rocking from side to side.
  17. Do 6 Dragon breaths to re-energise, 5 Military breaths.
  18. 2 complete L-shaped breaths and 3 Breaths of Fire.
  19. Massage the 5 mile point under the knee cap, both sides.
  20. Massage the Lao gong point between thumb and first finger.
  21. Tap on the K27 points for 3 minutes and the spleen points ditto. Thump the thymus 10 X.
  22.  Cycle flat on the floor using both arms and legs and do belly laughing.
  23. Do cobra with hissing sounds to clear lungs 5 times.
  24. Standing. Do Halve the Peach. 3 X
  25. Shooting the Eagle 3X
  26. Punch with tiger eyes. 3x.
  27. End your session with a complete round of Shakti Bandha.
  28. Relax listening to Baroque music.