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Oh! Howl!

‘Girl lashed 60 times for talking to men in Mali’
–      Independent






I saw the nightmare of our century.
A girl child who deigned to speak to men
sacrificed to stony eyed Islam fanatics
who, soaked in deep hard hatred, heaped their own lust on her
poor thin shoulders and raked her back of quivering flesh.

Fuelled by self hatred, hatred of womankind, fearful
of its mystique and how it could betray them, they flay
and flay to let out their own poisoned filth
as flesh is torn to bleeding pulp. And still they flay
as the blinding pain slashes in and out.

Can nothing assuage the burning, searing fear of sin
that flails and hates in frantic sterile haze?
Or save this soft frailty from their claw?
Sin burns in their own souls like a branding iron,
scorches them and all who know them.

Mothers howl to heaven’s vault they bred them.
But still the killing beast kills on,
Slashing at the heaving mass of tattered flesh

Margaret Gill

© Copyright 2013

Yoga Diary 12 Know your Doshas.

Yoga Diary  12.Learning about your Doshas.

In Ayurveda there are three primary energies or doshas. Vata ( Air /ether)Pitta (Fire/water) and Kapha (Earth/water). If you’re Vata you’ re thin, restless active, creative, if you’re Pitta you have a good strong digestion, strong metabolism  and a clear headed and possibly a leader. Kapha tends to carry more weight, has good digestive powers and is calm and tolerant. You can be a combination of two or even of all three. But it is helpful to know your type so that you can understand why certain foods are suitable and certain types of yoga.

A suitable set of asanas for  Pitta:-

Deep breathing with military breath 4 x

L shaped breath both sides.

Breath of Fire. 3 rounds with root lock.

Dog to plank 3 x

Cobra with hissing sounds 3 X

Dog to lunge with vigorous arm rotation  and  arm twists.

Dog to lunge, straighten forward leg and a take head to knee. Both sides.

Ski twists, Shoulder stretches with hands behind the head. Raise arms behind back.

Triangles with arm rotation

Bull dog 2 X.

Bound cobra  3X

Bending both feet foward in preliminary bow. Full bow.

Relax. End with Lion to stretch throat muscles.

Shoulder massage with squishy balls. End with Qi gong falling water relaxation 10 minutes .

Enchanted Wood








So woke we in a ‘shower of our days’ under Milk Wood.
So walked we, wood thickly dappled, shadowed sunlight,
A straight path under twisted branches and arching trees.
Trunks in magic shapes of bear, shark and crocodile grew.
Children’s voices hushed, small footsteps stayed;
Wonder spilled at magic and enchantment there.
There, where sea and river meet with
Seaweedy, rivery, sea smells.
Footprints sink deliciously in mud thick banks
And stones plop in the sea by the
‘Sea-wet church’ on the sea-green shore.

Margaret Gill

© Copyright 2013

Yoga Diary 11. Time to Detox.

Yoga Diary 11 . Time to Detox.

Avoid non-foods, sugar, white flour, alcohol.

Focus on veg. fruit, especially berries, sprouted veg. pure water.

Body and mind are interconnected at cellular level and your breath is directly linked to your brainwave patterns so….

  1. Learn to slow the number of your breaths per minute. Relax five minutes using any technique, autogenic/yoga nidra and then count down slowly 1 to ten then use your personal trigger. On returning to beta check your rate.
  2. Do 5 minutes rapid warm up to generate heat.
  3. Kidney de-tox  sounding the Har sound.  10 X. Solar plexus press 10 X until you sweat.
  4.  Liver detox breathing in gold green to the liver. 10 X
  5. Dynamic cat stretches 10 X
  6. Shoulder strengtheners. 5 X
  7. Eagle   2X  each side.  And Head of Cow 2X each side.
  8. Dragon swim  15 times if shoulders still ache decrease the number of times.
  9. Dragon claws 3X times each side.
  10. Acupressure points  10 minutes. Beating the drum 3 minutes.
  11. Shoulder work out with massage balls.
  12. Relax  deeply with yoga nidra  10 minutes.