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Yoga Diary (7): Letting Go

Telling the Left brain to shut up!

“By acknowledging the power of invisible fields –even if we don’t understand them—we open up an entirely new field of enquiry. If we can realise that humanity is operating on a unified field we can make it a playing field, not a battle field.”  Bruce Lipton.

  1. Progressive relaxation, relaxing all thoughts and unclenching all the major muscle bands in turn.   5 minutes.
  2. Leg stretches and abdominal crunches. 2 minutes.
  3. Gentle Cat asanas, rocking the spine from child pose to up dog. 6x.  Then Cat relax.
  4. Cook’s Hook up. Both sides. 5 minutes.
  5. Temporal tap. Using your own mantra or affirmation.  Three times and then half an hour later.
  6. Nerve charging breath and kidney massage. 3 minutes.
  7. Warrior Dance. Once each side.
  8. Hip rock with figure eights. 2 minutes.
  9. Punch with tiger eyes…to release tension from the liver.
  10.  Practise Cloud Hands   until you can do it in a qigong  state of mind.
  11. Lower back self- massage with squishy balls.
  12. Breathing in calm  with Oh ..Ma..Ho. End with two rounds of 5 gates breathing.

Unified field. left brain, kidney massage,

Yoga Diary (6): Yoga for the Brain

Yoga Dairy 6. Yoga for the brain.

Good brain food:-Astaxanthin’s powerful antioxidant activity can target specific health conditions and fight accelerated aging of internal organs and tissues. Astaxanthin is highly protective of the brain and nerve cells, which are very sensitive to the ravages of oxidative stress. Best sources of natural astaxanthin are shellfish, wild salmon, trout, and Krill Oil.


  1. Tao breathing in short and long triangles  sending energy to the pineal gland.
  2. Twist in either simple or classic pose  using eye muscles to look backward…3 minutes.
  3. Twisting in hero pose looking backwards with the eyes….3 minutes.
  4. Earlobe pull breathing in and out…. 10X  (N.B left arm under , right arm over.)
  5. Temporal tapping on Right temple only  with brain charging affirmation 3x
  6. Nerve charging breath with Ha expulsion  3 X
  7. Cook’s Hook up standing pose ( was new this week)
  8. Figure 8’s with arm stretched out before you.
  9. Warrior Dance to re-energise body … complete dance both sides.
  10. Moon over water  6x each side.
  11. Tibetan Buddhist eye chart  5 minutes with palming. Suggest you pin it up next to your computer.
  12. Lion…N.B. eyes in and upwards to connect with the ajna centre. 3x
  13. Relax with squishy balls 5 minutes (A primary benefit of  doing bridge   and small warm up movements with the squishy ball as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the balls engaging many more muscles. It allows the multi-segmental musculature to be fully engaged and deeply stimulated. Consequently, the development of these spinal muscles allows better postural control and greater efficiency in movement. )

14.  Cortical  relaxation going from left hemisphere to right hemisphere. Just do the numerals and the letters for now. 5 minutes.

No need to all this at one sitting take your pick but try to cover it by next lesson.

Yoga Diary (5): The Power of the MInd

“You are only limited by your perceptions. Most of the limitations we think we have are programmed into us”

1. Dragon breath gives strength and energy…..6X
2. Cloud hands ( new exercise this week) Practise left and right side separately; 3x each side
3. Crane Flying. 3x each side
4. Rainbow breath in lunge pose.. This charges your CHI WEI field. Both sides 6 x.
5. Use your mind while performing Sun Prayer to top up your three energy reservoirs. …(ASK)*
6. In Hero twist each side and use the calming mantra Oh. Ma.Ho.
7. Practise strengthening the wrists in backward plank 3x
8. Practise lymph drainage with tapping or with squishy balls. I minute each side.
9. Practise easy wheel from bridge position. 3X
10. Slow down either with supine Eagle or supine tree and 2 rounds of belly breathing.
11. Relax 5 minutes with Tao breathing.(ASK)*
Drink a cup of Red Rooibos tea …(highest antioxidant of all teas).

Yoga Diary (4): Renal health through yoga and qigong (approx 20 mins)

Renal Health through Yoga and Qigong. (20 minute schedule)

(Kidneys need water rich food.)  Watercress is excellent yoga food.

  1. Tao breathing sending healing intention to all major organs. 2 minutes.
  2. Bridge. Open ribs laterally breathe in and out and then exhale… Ha.a.a. expulsion breath.
  3. Rainbow breathing concentrating on easing into the kidney area. 6x both sides.
  4. Qigong hinge back into kidneys, arms bent. Say …S..s..s.s.  1minute
  5.  Qigong full body flow. Chant ….Oh.Ma.. Ho.  2 minutes.
  6. Qigong twist forward, right and left as you hinge into kidney area. 2 minutes
  7. Yoga standing twist. Resting back hand on kidneys as you twist. 4X each side.
  8. Kidney nurturing. Hands in Qigong fist. Flat hands. Bring Chi into hands and hold..say  HOY .Y.EEE.
  9. Relax for a minute on stomach then come into Sphinx. Chant ..OH..Ma ..Ho. 2 minutes.
  10. Bound Cobra …ditto.
  11. Lizard  ( 1)  3X    Lizard (2)  3X.
  12. Locust   3 X
  13. Massage Kidneys using squidgy balls in Bridge posture.
  14. Relax or meditate  using Pool of Wellness visualisation. * Ask.

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Yoga Diary (3): Fountain of Youth

Exercise out doors in the sun ( we should be so lucky) to get your quota of vitamin D and absorb plenty of oxygen into your lungs.

1.Windmill charging breath with HA..A expulsion breath.  2 minutes.

2.Deep Abdominal breathing .  1 minute.

3.Breath of Fire.   3 or 4 rounds with Root Lock on the inhalation Hold for 4 and expel for 4.

4. Sun prayer .X 2

5. Standing twist…waist,  qigong …spinal twist, standing twist… hips.

6.Squat sequence .  stretch, squat, chair, squat.

7.Qigong Spinal cord  exercise.

8.Knocking on the Door of Life.  2 complete rounds.

9.Full body flow.

Return indoors

10. Crane stomach massage 1. lower abdomen 2 minutes

Crane stomach massage 2. Upper abdomen. 1/2 minutes.

Lie down in bridge and do complete squishy balls massage.

Stretch out and relax

Drink water or have a probiotic drink.

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Yoga Diary (2) Breathing practice

Breathing Practice.

Can be used as quick re-charging in ten minutes or less.

Nauli …stomach rolling  3X

Breath of fire….2X

4.4.4 breath… 3X  ( in4 , hold 4, out 4) with stretches. Outdoors when possible

Qigong 5 gates breath  (Feet, Hands, Abdomen, Top of lungs, Skull) 3X

Outdoors when possible.

Windmill breath forward and backward  …I each way

Nerve charging breath ( lungs and chest) with HA…AA  expulsion 2X  (out doors)

Kidney massage. ( fists, flat of hands, rub hands and stimulate chi)

End with Thymus Thump.

Yoga Diary (1): Energy Flow

Breath of Fire x 6

Yang  Dragon x 2

Butterfly dancing x2  … breathe out  A.a.a.h

Moon over water x6  … stay in a QSOM 1 minute

Balloon dance x  2

Punch with tiger eyes x 6 …say   HYYYYT

Chi massage legs, arms and abdomen

Windmill rotation.

Feel Chi  for 2 minutes.  Washing down bone marrow  X2

Squishy ball massage  in bridge.

Facial massage points in bridge.

Relax for 10 minutes with descending water meditation.

Drink water and or  Beet juice.