Strengthening Spine and bones. Recap of yoga lesson June 11th.Strengthening Spine and bones. Recap of yoga lesson June 11th.

Strengthening Spine and bones. Recap of yoga lesson June 11th. Bone marrow breathing uses visualisation of pumping gold/ golden light into the crystalline structure of the bones. (Begin with each finger in turn, palms facing up, and infuse the cells with qi, pumping in light energy where the red cells are produced, let the mind carry the qi through the structure of the arms, shoulders, collar bone, down through the sternum spreading to the rib cage letting them soak up the life energy. Swirling down the spine, through the tail bone,lower legs and feet. Rest in the sensation of the bones of the whole body filled with the swirling golden light.)

Warm ups. In each of the following poses ask yourself ‘what is the spine doing here?’ The answer should be extending , lengthening, creating space between bone structure of the entire body) 1)Cannon ball 3x ,2) supine hero 2x, Supine archer 2x and supine eagle 2x. 3)stretch and tone legs lying on your side using the strap. 4) , Knees to armpits. 3x. 5)Bum lift 5x. 6)Crocodile stretch 2x both sides.7)Banana stretch 2x both sides 8) Bridge easy posture wih facial exercises ( Owl, goldfish, giraffe,puffer fish, lion).9) End with massage using soft rubber balls.

Seated. Open chest breathing, head rolls, rib cage extensionbreath and kidneys extensionbreath, with kidney massage.

Wrist work. Rotations,wrist stretches, acupressure points massaged. Backs of wrists rotations, heel of hand pressures in cat pose and heel of hand pressure using window ledges.

Water wheels bringing Qi through the spine.

4x Tortoise stretching the spine. 3x. Hawk flying stretches each side and gate stretches each side. Simple classic twist each side. hero twist with mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Chair work to stretch lower spine. Leg stretch toe to hand in pairs. And cobra back stretch in pairs.

Standing. Sun Salute each side. Standing twist each side.

Swinging warrior forward and back warrior 3x.

Rainbow breathing each side. Fair lady 2x each side.

Moon over water 3x each side. Bring energy down with Jack in a box

Seated. End with Sitali breathing.

Relaxation 10minutes Journey to see a wise man.

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