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Yoga recap for June 18th.

Yoga recap for June 18th.
Understanding retention, lengthening the exhale, moving energy through the joints.
1. Ratio Breathing begin small with 4.2.8 and increase to 6 in .3 hold. 9 out until you can do 8.4.16 easily without strain. Check your pause.Under 20 seconds…you need to improve your breathing. ( depletion of Co2 in our atmosphere continues and it is vital to our health as it regulates the acid alkali balance) More about this important issue next week.
2. Warm ups.
Cannon ball 3x supine eagle 6x supine tree 3x . V shape legs rocking over into plough if possible 4x. Pendulum swinging both legs 3x
Cross ankles draw knees to armpits 6x. strap work lying on your side.
Bend knees and twist to one side draw opposite arm over. Bridge with facial exercises. End warm ups with skin rolling , ( on buttocks, waist, spine, thighs, calves, arms.)
3.cat poses various with cat relax. 2 minutes.
4.Sphinx to locust to lizard sequence ending with flying fish single repeat.
5.Triangle and forward and back swings. Both sides.
6.Chair work… full tree, back bends, knee bends and full knee stretch.
7.Breath and stretch and exhale to squat, rib breathing 3x, kidney breath 3x
Stuck Energy needs to rotate, spiral, be moved by slapping. Rotate and spiral shoulders 3x slap thighs . kidneys, sternum, shoulders, elbows,wrists and rub finger nails together… stand and feel the energy released.
8.Squats, standing twists, elbows pressed into inner knees and possible clown pose.
9. Crane flying 2 minutes. 10. Pair work, tree, flamingo, back warrior.
Seated. Om MANi Padme Hum. Relaxation 10 minutes.